Sealing Wax Fairy

Day 174 – Sealing Wax Fairy

I created my own seal (using a purse-pixie and some heart shaped sequins) and pressed it into the melted sealing wax. This doesn’t look as pretty as I imagined, but at least it does look a bit like a fairy…

Candle Fairy

Day 109 – Candle Fairy

Whilst enjoying the Summer evening, we wanted to make the most of the warmth but were running out of daylight. I got the tealight candles out and couldn’t resist turning them into today’s fairy.

Wax Watercolour Fairy

Day 83 – Wax Watercolour Fairy

Making this reminded me of my early childhood days. I used a wax candle in my sketchbook and managed to draw a recognisable fairy before doing a rainbow watercolour wash to reveal her.