Binary Fairy

Day 53 – Binary Fairy

binary 53

I have been thinking about doing a binary fairy for a while, I decoded “Glitter Peach 365 Challenge” into binary numbers and printed a whole page of it repeating over and over before cutting out the silhouette. I scanned it with a black background to add definition to the edges. I am sure there is a more technological way of doing this, however I do not have the software 🙂

Icing Sugar Fairy

Day 39 – Icing Sugar Fairy

Glitter Peach 365 Day 39

After baking a chocolate brownie this morning, I couldn’t resist sprinkling icing sugar through a template onto the top crust. I made the template using acetate so it held it’s shape and didn’t get greasy.

I will enjoy devouring this one…

Keith Haring Fairy

Day 10 – Keith Haring Fairy


When studying Art & Design for GCSE and A-Level,  I came across Keith Haring and really liked the fun and simplicity of his style. I did a quick outline in pencil and went over it in my black permanent marker to get the recognisable Haring-style.


Day 4 – Dino-Fairy


Today it is my niece’s 6th birthday and she loves dinosaurs so I couldn’t resist going for a dinosaur fairy on her special day. I drew this in pencil and completed it using chunky felt tips with a black fineliner outline.