International Women’s Day Fairy

Day 28 – International Women’s Day Fairy

glitter peach 28

I took inspiration from the many posters and images that I have seen today representing International Women’s Day. In the majority of the images that I saw the silhouettes were primarily purple, therefore I went for a pale purple watercolour background and used my felt-tip pens to colour in the silhouette in a darker shade of purple.

I made sure to include one of the recurring images representing International Women’s Day.

Loom Bands Fairy

Day 27 – Loom Bands Fairy

glitter peach 27

Considering that I have never actually made a loom bands bracelet – let alone anything else more exciting – I was really impressed with how this turned out.

This did take a deceptively long time to create (what with me being a complete novice) but it was actually quite straightforward. I admit, I did follow a tutorial on YouTube to create this beauty.

Ombré Varnish Fairy

Day 15 – Ombré Varnish Fairy


I had an idea to use my varying shades of nail-varnish on acetate to see the effect and how the colours would blend together (if at all). After waiting for the nail-varnish to dry, I then drew the outline on the reverse of the acetate in my permanent marker to add a bit of definition.

I actually like how the flash of the camera focused on the wings and highlights the shimmer in the nail-varnish.