Geometric Fairy

Day 98 – Geometric Fairy

Glitter Peach 365 Day 98

I drew this using a ruler and a black biro. I drew a practice outline in pencil on another piece of paper and copied the shape onto a fresh piece of paper using a ruler to ensure there were only straight lines for the outline.

Once I had completed the outline, I continued to use the ruler to join the various connecting lines into triangular and geometric shapes. I left the shoes as they were to make her a bit more recognisable as Tinkerbell.

Lace Pancake Fairy

Day 20 – Lace Pancake Fairy


I couldn’t do anything other than a pancake fairy today as it is, of course, Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day!

I was surprised how quickly I got the hang of the lace pancake cooking method – the above photo is actually my first attempt at making the shape of the fairy! I’m pleasantly surprised how well she turned out – not only can you actually tell that it is supposed to be a fairy, but there are a few delicate lines there which I am very happy about.

In total I created about 10 fairies and each one had their pros (and cons) but in the end my second favourite is the one below – she reminded me a bit of Tinkerbell when she is flying with her arms by her side (even though her feet are a little unusual and the wings are more rounded…)


Tinkerbell Quick Sketch

Day 2 – Tinkerbell Quick Sketch


Given the choice, I would say that one of my favourite media to use is simply a fineliner pen in a sketch book. There is not so much room for error, which is good for a recovering perfectionist. I like the freedom of the lines.

I was inspired by a similar image of Tinks painted in watercolour and wanted to do a quick fineliner sketch in that style. The first photo I took was a bit blurry but I actually quite like it.