Skittles Fairy

Day 88 – Skittles Fairy

This is a newly discovered technique – simply put colourful sugar-coated sweets around the perimeter of a plate and add water. The colour runs into a bright pattern. Simply place your stencil over the plate and voila!

The colours get brighter the longer you leave them (see below). Just try not to let your stencil sink and absorb the water…

Drizzle Fairy

Day 87 – Drizzle Fairy

I created separate stencils for the fairy and the toadstool (with stars). I used poster paints to drizzle reds and blues for the toadstool and yellow and silver for the stars before using pinks and purples for the fairy herself. Unfortunately the paint drizzled considerably more than I anticipated, especially on the thick paint drizzle on the fairy, so the edges are a little smudged. However I do like the drizzle effect.

**The colours of the paint dried brighter than when they were wet.

Icing Sugar Fairy

Day 39 – Icing Sugar Fairy

Glitter Peach 365 Day 39

After baking a chocolate brownie this morning, I couldn’t resist sprinkling icing sugar through a template onto the top crust. I made the template using acetate so it held it’s shape and didn’t get greasy.

I will enjoy devouring this one…

Optical Illusion Fairy

Day 34 – Optical Illusion Fairy

glitter peach 34

Using my stencil that I created for Day 7, I drew the outline in pencil before drawing horizontal lines across the width of the page (excluding the fairy outline) in a black fine permanent marker and two shades of blue rollerball gel-pens.

I then drew curved lines between the gaps before rubbing out the pencil lines. This looks a bit like she is coming forward off the page – especially the arms and legs.

Holi Fairy

Day 33 – Holi Fairy

In honour of the Hindu festival of colours and love, Holi, I simply had to have today’s fairy coloured in as many different coloured splatters as possible.

I had originally intended to splatter the paint, but my stencils were a bit too fine to allow the splatters in the definition of the wings. I therefore ended up using acrylic paint and dabbing the various colours with a paint brush.

Stencil Fairy

Day 7 – Stencil Fairy


Using my craft knife and cutting mat, I carefully cut this silhouette of a fairy out of some brightly coloured card. This was my 1st attempt and I am very pleased with how it actually came out. I cut it out in one piece (without any accidental amputations) and the red cut-out silhouette looks quite nice on the white background, too.

I have a sneaky feeling that these may make another appearance at some point between now and the end of the year…