Latch Hook Fairy

Day 365 – Latch Hook Fairy

I wanted my final fairy of this challenge to be special. I revisited an old favourite pastime from my childhood – latch hook.

I spent ages trying to create my own pattern and struggled trying to figure out how many different coloured wools I would need before I eventually came across this website which was so easy to use and straightforward and helped turn a jpeg image into a proper pattern and advised me how many colours I would need/how many strands of each wool I would need etc. It was very helpful although I did tweak the design a bit to accentuate some details.

I must admit that I have been working on this for a bit more than just today but I did finish it today! I am very happy with how it turned out.

(The reverse)

Constellation Fairy

Day 201 – Constellation Fairy


Inspired by looking at the stars this evening, I used a grey T-shirt and arranged some clothing crystals onto the grey background in my own fairy constellation.

See below for outlines between the “stars” as they would appear on a constellation map.

Glitter Peach 365 Day 201

Euros Fairy

Day 190 – Euros Fairy

I am off to sunny Spain today and couldn’t resist using some of my foreign currency for today’s fairy.

I cut a silhouette of a fairy out of a piece of white paper using a craft knife and my cutting mat. I then placed two twenty-euro notes on a flat surface with the silhouette on top.

*Don’t worry – I may be on holiday but you will still get a daily fairy!*

Dancing Fairy

Day 96 – Dancing Fairy

Inspired by a painting of a ballerina, I initially painted vague shapes in watercolour for her arms, legs and bodice before adding her skirt, wings and skin. Once the paint was dry, I sketched the definition using a fine permanent marker. I added the stars and sketchy lines to add to the movement of the picture.