Lino Stamp Fairy

Day 332 – Lino Stamp Fairy

I used a lino stamp cutting kit for today’s fairy. I drew the silhouette in pencil on the lino circle and proceeded to carve the background using the carving tool.

I used watercolour paints to add the colour and stamped it onto a page of my sketchpad.

Postage Fairy

Day 195 – Postage Fairy

I have created today’s fairy by arranging postage stamps that I have curt from mail that I have received so far this year. It has taken a while to accumulate this many stamps (note the festive stamps!)

Rubber Stamp Fairy

Day 76 – Rubber Stamp Fairy

Repeatedly using only a tiny fairy-shaped rubber stamp and one shade of ink, I created this silhouette of a fairy.

I deliberately used varying degrees of ink on the stamp to add to the effect, particularlyโ€‹ on the wings.