Woven Bead Fairy

Day 216 – Woven Bead Fairy

Bead weaving and bead knitting are favourite techniques of mine to use. I came across bead knitting a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I then started experimenting with bead weaving as well as creating my own designs.

I decided to weave the gold and white seed beads onto some silver card using some clear fishing wire.

Constellation Fairy

Day 201 – Constellation Fairy


Inspired by looking at the stars this evening, I used a grey T-shirt and arranged some clothing crystals onto the grey background in my own fairy constellation.

See below for outlines between the “stars” as they would appear on a constellation map.

Glitter Peach 365 Day 201

Metallic Fingerprint Fairy

Day 184 – Metallic Fingerprint Fairy

I started by drawing the outline of a fairy on some paper, cut it out using a craft knife and placed it on another piece of paper.

I then proceeded to use two fingers and my gold and silver ink pads to fill the whole area with fingerprints before removing the stencil to reveal the silhouette.