Silver Ink Fairy

Day 81 – Silver Ink Fairy

I chose Cecily Mary Barker’s Candytuft fairy for my inspiration today. I used some silver drawing ink with a dip pen and traced the image on to parchment paper. After I had finished the initial image, I added a bit more glittery detail with a gelly rollerball pen.

The above photo I took whilst holding the parchment on our window to get even lighting.

The one below, I used the HDR function on my camera. I like the definition but it made the ink look a bit black.

Optical Illusion Fairy

Day 34 – Optical Illusion Fairy

glitter peach 34

Using my stencil that I created for Day 7, I drew the outline in pencil before drawing horizontal lines across the width of the page (excluding the fairy outline) in a black fine permanent marker and two shades of blue rollerball gel-pens.

I then drew curved lines between the gaps before rubbing out the pencil lines. This looks a bit like she is coming forward off the page – especially the arms and legs.

Daffodil Fairy

Day 21 – Daffodil Fairy


As it is St David’s Day today, I chose to create today’s fairy using Daffodils. I drew a very simple outline in black rollerball pen before drawing a yellow outline using a felt-tip pen to enhance it. I used two Daffodil heads to create her dress.

I really like the simplicity of it.