Plaster Fairy

Day 213 – Plaster Fairy

We made some fairies using plaster of Paris in a mould, last night – ready to paint this morning. There was a minor wing-breakage in the removal but otherwise, they came out of the mould nicely.

I mixed some acrylic paints to paint her in bright colours.

Pixelated Fairy

Day 16 – Pixelated Fairyglitter-peach-16

I had a brainwave of making a pixelated image of a fairy in full colour. After a considerable amount of time researching pixelated images and playing around with Microsoft Excel (after adjusting the cells to perfect little squares), I came up with this little lady. I tried out a couple of different styles for her dress and came up with this design in the end.

Once I had completed the design, I also played around with the colours, too…