Novel Fairy

Day 214 – Novel Fairy

Cut from a page of a book using my craft knife and placed on our coffee table.

I had this idea months ago but, as a serious book lover, I didn’t have the heart to tear a page from any book. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when I received this page stapled to my bill at a quirky cafe. A new definition of recycling.

Earth Day Fairy

Day 73 – Earth Day Fairy

I tried to think of a fairy to represent the fact that it is Earth Day today. I thought I would recycle some used stationery that were Earthly colours.

I have cut the old coloured folder dividers into thin strips and have woven them together. Once I had a reasonable sized page, I drew a fairy on the reverse and cut it to shape using my craft knife. (This got a bit fiddly as I hadn’t properly stuck the woven card together so the details fell away, needing to be replaced)

Recycled Fashion Fairy

Day 26 – Recycled Fashion Fairy


Inspired by this evening’s entertainment provided by my Girl Guiding unit, I have created a recycled fashion fairy. This evening the girls put on a fashion show using only recycled materials and it was surprisingly impressive.

I used the same materials as they did to create today’s fairy – kitchen foil, bin bags, sandwich bags –  I even copied their accessories in their hair and on their faces!