Painted Jar Fairy

Day 237 – Painted Jar Fairy

I started by painting the inside of a clean pickle jar with acrylic paints in various shades of blue. I mixed the colours as I painted.

I then drew a silhouette of a fairy with a black permanent marker on the outside of the jar.

In my head, I thought putting a lit candle inside would make the silhouette shine through. This didn’t work. I therefore painted on top of the black permanent marker with white acrylic paint. I tried dabbing the brush to add a bit of texture.

Dancing Fairy

Day 96 – Dancing Fairy

Inspired by a painting of a ballerina, I initially painted vague shapes in watercolour for her arms, legs and bodice before adding her skirt, wings and skin. Once the paint was dry, I sketched the definition using a fine permanent marker. I added the stars and sketchy lines to add to the movement of the picture.

Miró Fairy

Day 75 – Miró Fairy

Inspired by the Spanish artist, Joan Miró, I tried to imitate elements from various of his pieces to create today’s fairy.

I used watercolour paints for the coloured elements and a thick permanent marker for the outlines.

St George’s Fairy

Day 74 – St George’s Fairy

As it is St George’s Day today, I decided to dress this fairy in medieval clothes with St George’s flags on her wings.

I drew this using pencil before colouring it in with permanent markers and using a fineliner for the outlines.