Mosaic Fairy

Day 301 – Mosaic Fairy

Today’s fairy has been created using small plastic mosaic tiles. I stuck some double sided sticky tape on the base of a wooden tray and followed the pattern to create the fairy first. I decided to mix the various colours for the background, adding a border and buttons at the top of the tray to add a bit of interest.

Finger Puppet Fairy

Day 191 – Finger Puppet Fairy

I created today’s fairy using some scraps of felt and silver material that I had saved from past projects “just in case” I ever had an idea that could use them up – today is that day!

I used complimentary coloured thread to sew the details using back stitch, black seed beads for her eyes and I have sewn around the edges with a simple running stitch. I couldn’t resist using silver for her wings!

Knotted Fairy

Day 117 – Knotted Fairy

I used some peach and purple nylon thread and knotted them using cobra knots for the head and body. I kept the knots loose for the wings and secured them underneath with additional cobra knots.

I secured the ends by holding a lit match at the ends to melt the nylon so they don’t fray.

Ombre Numbers Fairy

Day 114 – Ombre Numbers Fairy

Today’s flying friend is aย special request from my nephew. He asked that I do “the outline of a fairy in numbersย (not numbers in the middle of a fairy shape)”.

Hopefully I have done justice to his request. I drew the outline in pencil, used some rubber number stamps that I had and my rainbow coloured inks to add a bit more colour. I used all the numbers in the varying colours and aimed for an ombre effect.