Finger Puppet Fairy

Day 191 – Finger Puppet Fairy

I created today’s fairy using some scraps of felt and silver material that I had saved from past projects “just in case” I ever had an idea that could use them up – today is that day!

I used complimentary coloured thread to sew the details using back stitch, black seed beads for her eyes and I have sewn around the edges with a simple running stitch. I couldn’t resist using silver for her wings!

Pin Hole Fairy

Day 162 – Pin Hole Fairy

When creating my day 142 fairy (stitched into card), before adding the stitches in red thread, I poked the holes of the shape in the card beforehand to make the sewing part easier.

I actually quite liked the effect of the pin holes silhouette so I thought I would try it on its own without adding stitches.

Red Stitched Fairy

Day 142 – Red Stitched Fairy

Today’s fairy has been stitched into a plain piece of white card. I drew the outline on the reverse of the card and poked holes through the card at small intervals (to make it easier to sew). I then used some red thread on a very fine needle and deliberately criss-crossed the stiches of the body and hair. I chose to simply do a backstitch for the wings to add a bit more definition to them.

Beaded Silhouette Fairy

Day 127 – Beaded Silhouette Fairy

I cut out two matching fairy shapes out of white felt and stitched them together with white thread using blanket stitch. I added a green seed bead in each stitch to outline the silhouette with Beaded Blanket Stitch.