Seed Bead Fairy

Day 186 – Seed Bead Fairy

I had a slight disaster today with my bead box… I was organising my craft supplies when the box slipped and all the beads mixed together!

I was halfway through re-organising them back into their places again when I was struck with inspiration for today’s fairy.

Cling Film Art Fairy

Day 180 – Cling Film Art Fairy

I have only just come across this technique – essentially just put dollops of various colours of paint onto some cartridge paper, cover the page with cling film and rub the colours together to mix.

I chose to use acrylic paint so that when I removed the cling film, the texture would remain.

I then drew the fairy onto the dried paint and cut the silhouette using scissors.

French Knitted Fairy

Day 157 – French Knitted Fairy

I have been re-living my childhood using an old fashioned wooden French Knitting Spool and some multi-coloured wool!

I made a length of approximately two and a half metres and have arranged it, in one stroke, into today’s fairy.

Unicorn Fairy

Day 99 – Unicorn Fairy

Fairies have always been friends with Unicorns and, as Unicorns have become synonymous with rainbow colours, I couldn’t resist making her wings as colourful as I could.

I drew this in pencil before painting it with watercolours and using a fineliner for the details.

Rainbow Fairy

Day 19 – Rainbow Fairy


I had a whole page of these sweeping triangular patterns and coloured it in using every colour exactly equally (yes, I counted as I went along 🙂 ).

It was only when the page was finished that I thought it would be a nice, bright and colourful addition to my other fairy creations. I drew the silhouette on the reverse of the page and cut her out, trying to keep as much definition as possible.