Holi Fairy

Day 33 – Holi Fairy

In honour of the Hindu festival of colours and love, Holi, I simply had to have today’s fairy coloured in as many different coloured splatters as possible.

I had originally intended to splatter the paint, but my stencils were a bit too fine to allow the splatters in the definition of the wings. I therefore ended up using acrylic paint and dabbing the various colours with a paint brush.

Will you be my Valentine?

Day 6 – Will you be my Valentine?


As it is Valentine’s Day today, I wanted to paint my favourite fairy couple: Thumbelina and Prince Cornelius. I know the scene that inspired this pose was before she got her wings, but I like to think that they re-enact the dancing and courting of their early days together and reminisce about falling in love…

Thumbelina is one of my all-time-favourite films so I hope I have done it justice!