Mirrored Fairy

Day 357 – Mirrored Fairy

I drew today’s fairy using HB pencil onto an A5 envelope before cutting them out using scissors.

I intended to place one cut-out onto the wooden surface, but actually really liked them both together in a mirror image.


Puzzle Fairy

Day 353 – Puzzle Fairy

I drew this scene in pencil on some paper before painting in watercolour and finishing some if the details in black fineliner.

I then cut it into puzzle-shaped pieces (which took a lot longer than I expected).

Sketchy Fairy

Day 68 – Sketchy Fairy

It is my niece’s birthday today and as she is a fan of drawing in pencil, I chose to sketch today’s fairy in pencil. I really like this cartoon-style for drawings of people.

I like the simplicity of the wings in comparison to the detail of the face and hair. This was drawn using a HB pencil.