4th July Fairy

Day 146 – 4th July Fairy

To celebrate American Independence Day, I drew a sketch of a fairy (inspired by a vintage postcard).

I painted the dress and wings in the colours of the American flag in watercolour before adding the black details in fineliner.

There are two birthdays today, close to my heart, so I will create themed fairies later in the week – watch this space!

Cat Fairy

Day 133 – Cat Fairy

In honour of my brother’s most adored cat’s birthday, I chose to create a cat fairy. I drew a picture of the cat fairy on a piece of paper, covered the image with double sided sticky tape (hence the vertical stripes) and then used my craft knife to trace over the lines of the drawing underneath.

I then removed the plastic top of the double sided sticky tape (one section at a time) before covering each uncovered section in coloured foil and rubbing the colour onto the tape.

This was effective, but it was a bit more tricky than I imagined in my head. If I was to do it again, I would definitely invest in A4 double sided sticky tape/pages (if such a thing exists…)

Frog Fairy

Day 94 – Frog Fairy

I made this frog fairy to celebrate my cousin’s birthday today. She has always loved all things froggy!

I cut the shape out of cardboard then covered it in gold star decopatch paper and PVA.

Troll Fairy

Day 91 – Troll Fairy

To celebrate my Auntie’s birthday today, I couldn’t resist creating a troll fairy! She used to collect trolls and I remember seeing what looked like hundreds of them at her house as a youngster.

I simply cut some wings out of a yellow sticky note and stuck them onto the troll’s back.

Sketchy Fairy

Day 68 – Sketchy Fairy

It is my niece’s birthday today and as she is a fan of drawing in pencil, I chose to sketch today’s fairy in pencil. I really like this cartoon-style for drawings of people.

I like the simplicity of the wings in comparison to the detail of the face and hair. This was drawn using a HB pencil.

Needle Felting Fairy

Day 57 – Needle Felting Fairy

Glitter Peach 365 Day 57

To celebrate the fact that it is my sister’s birthday today, I have gone to her house and borrowed some of her needle felting materials (and knowledge) to create my first ever needle felting picture. I really enjoyed this new technique – it is very therapeutic (and for those of you who have yet to try it I would highly recommend it)!

My sister creates very lovely detailed pictures using this technique. Check out her wonderful pieces at her online shop: https://folksy.com/shops/GingerKitten

Elvis Fairy

Day 35 – Elvis Fairy

Today’s fairy is in honour of my cousin who was named after the King of Rock’s middle name. He is turning 18 today and I couldn’t resist celebrating it with a fairy!

This is a single line drawing completed with a fineliner. I went for the Jailhouse Rock Elvis with the addition of wings, of course 🙂