Vivaldi Fairy

Day 169 – Vivaldi Fairy

I had bought this Vivaldi paper a while ago with the intention of putting my RADA certificate on top, but it is a shade too dark, so I have kept it waiting for the right craft to come along.

I saw it on my desk and couldn’t resist using it for today’s fairy. I drew this using my black fountain pen and decided to colour it in using the same medium. This was not the best idea as the ink bled on the paper. Her nose was quite dainty initially…

Handmade Paper Fairy

Day 97 – Handmade Paper Fairy

I rediscovered my collection of handmade papers today and the pages with the leaf skeletonsโ€‹ on caught my eye.

I cut the silhouette of a fairy out of a cream handmade paper with pale cream coloured leaf skeletons on. I then placed my carefully cut silhouette onto a black handmade paper background with gold painted leaf skeletons for a good contrast.