Glittery Gold Fairy

Day 334 – Glittery Gold Fairy

I used some very glittery gold card cut and arranged to create today’s fairy. It reminds me of my first fairy that I used chunky cut gold glitter and double sided sticky tape…

The glitter on this card isย fine cutย but equally sparkly!

Conical Fairy

Day 306 – Conical Fairy

Created as an alternative Christmas Tree Topper, today’s fairy was made using some preprinted card. I drew on the wings with a glue stick and dotted some spots on the dress before sprinkling some glitter onto the glue. I stuck the dress together into a conical shape using double sided sticky tape.

Silver Ink Fairy

Day 81 – Silver Ink Fairy

I chose Cecily Mary Barker’s Candytuft fairy for my inspiration today. I used some silver drawing ink with a dip pen and traced the image on to parchment paper. After I had finished the initial image, I added a bit more glittery detail with a gelly rollerball pen.

The above photo I took whilst holding the parchment on our window to get even lighting.

The one below, I used the HDR function on my camera. I like the definition but it made the ink look a bit black.