Bubble Painted Fairy

Day 328 – Bubble Painted Fairy

Created by using an old favourite technique of bubble painting, I put paint and washing up liquid in various cups, blew bubbles into the cups before dabbing the page onto the bubbles.

Once dried, I cut out the shape of today’s fairy.

Macaroon Fairy

Day 45 – Macaroon Fairy

Today I made my first ever batch of macaroons and I simply had to make one into today’s fairy!

I used Christmas Red concentrated food colouring paste and applied it using a cocktail stick. The effect almost looks like feathers on her wings.

Melted Chocolate Fairy

Day 8 ā€“ Melted Chocolate Fairy


A simple but effective technique for creating edible shapes!

I initially melted white chocolate to do the silhouette and thought to add milk chocolate for some details. This led to the food colouring coming out and me experimenting with colouring the white chocolate forĀ the dress and shoes (they are supposed to be pink).

I put each variant of theĀ melted chocolates in separate piping bags and traced the image of a fairy on some acetate using each colour for different parts of her body. I ended up doing her wings individually with some moreĀ tempered chocolate so they were shiny. This took about 10-15 minutes to set in the freezer, but I kept it in the fridge for another half an hour before I tried to remove them from the acetate to avoid any casualties.