Paper Scroll Fairy

Day 364 – Paper Scroll Fairy

My penultimate fairy!

I have used paper scrolls to create todays fairy – this was not as fiddly as I thought it was going to be.

I cut numerous strips of red paper and proceeded to fold, wrap and weave the paper around itself before sticking them onto some pink card using all purpose adhesive glue.

Origami Fairy

Day 158 – Origami Fairy

At the request of @papercraneofhope on Instagram, here is my origami fairy! I was inspired by one of Yoshihisa Kimura’s fairy designs.

This was a lot more tricky than I thought it would be (although I’m sure the fact that I used coloured card instead of origami paper played a part…)

Folded Paint Fairy

Day 102 – Folded Paint Fairy

Gliter Peach 365 Day 102This is an old technique that I haven’t used since I was about three years old but I was reminded of it earlier this week and I couldn’t resist re-enacting this old favourite.

I simply folded a piece of paper in half, put thick gouache paint on one half of the page in a half-silhouette of a fairy with wings (and swirls), folded the page and when I opened the page up again the paint had spread onto the opposite side in a symmetrical way to show a full fairy-like image.