Cat Fairy

Day 133 – Cat Fairy

In honour of my brother’s most adored cat’s birthday, I chose to create a cat fairy. I drew a picture of the cat fairy on a piece of paper, covered the image with double sided sticky tape (hence the vertical stripes) and then used my craft knife to trace over the lines of the drawing underneath.

I then removed the plastic top of the double sided sticky tape (one section at a time) before covering each uncovered section in coloured foil and rubbing the colour onto the tape.

This was effective, but it was a bit more tricky than I imagined in my head. If I was to do it again, I would definitely invest in A4 double sided sticky tape/pages (if such a thing exists…)

Embossed Foil Fairy

Day 89 – Embossed Foil Fairy

I have never tried to emboss foil before but I think it worked quite well. There is not much room for error, which a part of me actually quite likes. It is good practice for not worrying about making mistakes.

This actually took me longer to photograph than to draw – foil is a tricky subject.