Dispersed Ink Fairy

Day 295 – Dispersed Ink Fairy

This is a bit experimental!

I drew today’s fairy in pencil on a piece of paper before using some felt tip pens on a plastic surface; spraying the ink with water and rubbing the wet inked plastic surface onto the pencil drawing. I drew over the pencil drawing in fineliner.

I quite like the effect of the ink dispersed on the page.

International Women’s Day Fairy

Day 28 – International Women’s Day Fairy

glitter peach 28

I took inspiration from the many posters and images that I have seen today representing International Women’s Day. In the majority of the images that I saw the silhouettes were primarily purple, therefore I went for a pale purple watercolour background and used my felt-tip pens to colour in the silhouette in a darker shade of purple.

I made sure to include one of the recurring images representing International Women’s Day.

Daffodil Fairy

Day 21 – Daffodil Fairy


As it is St David’s Day today, I chose to create today’s fairy using Daffodils. I drew a very simple outline in black rollerball pen before drawing a yellow outline using a felt-tip pen to enhance it. I used two Daffodil heads to create her dress.

I really like the simplicity of it.