Wordsearch Fairy

Day 107 – Wordsearch Fairy



I have been meaning to create a fairy-related wordsearch for a while. This took me a lot longer than I thought it would, especially getting the words to cross over on occasion. I used Excel on the computer to create this.

Once you have found all of the words – see if you can recognise the shape…

For the impatient among you, if you want to see the answers, click here or here!


Maze Fairy

Day 23 – Maze Fairyglitter-peach-23-maze

It is my big brother’s 29th birthday today! He is surrounded by puzzles at work and his customers are challenged to escape the carefully laid out Adventure Rooms in Mallorca. The closest thing I could think to do for today was to create a maze.

He is also a proud Ginger, so I had to go for the orange outline! 🙂


Again, MS Excel was involved in the creation of this one… I copied the outline that I used in my pixelated fairies on Day 16 (with shorter hair so the silhouette was symmetrical) and played around with the inside to create a proper maze. This took an inordinate amount of time as I wanted to make sure that there was only one way to complete it 🙂

To see the completed maze, click HERE.


Pixelated Fairy

Day 16 – Pixelated Fairyglitter-peach-16

I had a brainwave of making a pixelated image of a fairy in full colour. After a considerable amount of time researching pixelated images and playing around with Microsoft Excel (after adjusting the cells to perfect little squares), I came up with this little lady. I tried out a couple of different styles for her dress and came up with this design in the end.

Once I had completed the design, I also played around with the colours, too…