Conical Fairy

Day 306 – Conical Fairy

Created as an alternative Christmas Tree Topper, today’s fairy was made using some preprinted card. I drew on the wings with a glue stick and dotted some spots on the dress before sprinkling some glitter onto the glue. I stuck the dress together into a conical shape using double sided sticky tape.

Pink Peg Fairy

Day 303 – Pink Peg Fairy

For today’s fairy, I drew the face and shoes onto a wooden peg using my black fineliner. Then I used a dark shade of pink tissue paper ruffled to create the top of the dress before adding a folded strip of the same colour as a belt and a matching headband.

I then cut wings from a pale pink tissue paper and stuck them on using double sided sticky tape.

Mosaic Fairy

Day 301 – Mosaic Fairy

Today’s fairy has been created using small plastic mosaic tiles. I stuck some double sided sticky tape on the base of a wooden tray and followed the pattern to create the fairy first. I decided to mix the various colours for the background, adding a border and buttons at the top of the tray to add a bit of interest.

Cat Fairy

Day 133 – Cat Fairy

In honour of my brother’s most adored cat’s birthday, I chose to create a cat fairy. I drew a picture of the cat fairy on a piece of paper, covered the image with double sided sticky tape (hence the vertical stripes) and then used my craft knife to trace over the lines of the drawing underneath.

I then removed the plastic top of the double sided sticky tape (one section at a time) before covering each uncovered section in coloured foil and rubbing the colour onto the tape.

This was effective, but it was a bit more tricky than I imagined in my head. If I was to do it again, I would definitely invest in A4 double sided sticky tape/pages (if such a thing exists…)

Sand Art Fairy

Day 43 – Sand Art Fairy

glitter peach 43

This is a technique that I have discovered relatively recently. I remember doing this with the children and they all thoroughly enjoyed it… I must I admit I enjoyed myself creating this, too!

I peeled off the backing of the double-sided tape for each specific section and poured coloured sand and glitter onto the surface, before shaking any excess off.

Shapely Fairy

Day 12 – Shapely Fairy


I decided to go a bit abstract for today’s fairy. I had these colourful foam shapes lying around in one of my (many many many) craft boxes and I liked the colours and the challenge of trying to make them into a recognisable shape. I went for a side profile facing towards the right hand side of the screen.

Glitter Fairy

Day 1 – Glitter Fairy


Welcome to Day 1 of my 365 Day Challenge!

I could not think of a more suitable fairy to start off with than a glittery one!

For this, I cut the silhouette out of double-sided tape and stuck it onto a black school project folder and simply coated it in thick-cut glitter. I was actually quite surprised at how effective it is.