2018 Fairy

Day 327 – 2018 Fairy

To celebrate the start of 2018, I painted “2018” in various shades of watercolour paints before layering it up with coloured pens and colouring pencils.

I then drew a silhouette of a fairy on the reverse and cut it out using my craft knife and placed the reverse silhouette on the cutting mat.

World Book Day Fairy

Day 22 – World Book Day Fairy


As it is World Book Day today, I wanted my daily fairy to have some books with her. I drew this in 2H pencil, coloured it in with basic colouring pencils before going over the outlines again in 2H to add a bit more definition.

When I took the photo, I added a “retro” filter which added a bit more depth to the picture as a whole.

Happy World Book Day!

Rainbow Fairy

Day 19 – Rainbow Fairy


I had a whole page of these sweeping triangular patterns and coloured it in using every colour exactly equally (yes, I counted as I went along 🙂 ).

It was only when the page was finished that I thought it would be a nice, bright and colourful addition to my other fairy creations. I drew the silhouette on the reverse of the page and cut her out, trying to keep as much definition as possible.