Pink Peg Fairy

Day 303 – Pink Peg Fairy

For today’s fairy, I drew the face and shoes onto a wooden peg using my black fineliner. Then I used a dark shade of pink tissue paper ruffled to create the top of the dress before adding a folded strip of the same colour as a belt and a matching headband.

I then cut wings from a pale pink tissue paper and stuck them on using double sided sticky tape.

French Knitted Fairy

Day 157 – French Knitted Fairy

I have been re-living my childhood using an old fashioned wooden French Knitting Spool and some multi-coloured wool!

I made a length of approximately two and a half metres and have arranged it, in one stroke, into today’s fairy.

Red Ribbon Fairy

Day 105 – Red Ribbon Fairy

Using a single piece of red crepe paper ribbon, I twisted and wove it into the ​shape of today’s fairy. I placed it on top of a blue velour surface to add a bit of contrast to the texture.