Purple Biro Fairy

Day 112 – Purple Biro Fairy

Using a purple Biro pen, I drew this straight onto the piece of paper without any pencil sketch or guide.

I tried to experiment with the shading, especially of the features and skin. I was pleasantly surprised how delicate I could get the shading.

Geometric Fairy

Day 98 – Geometric Fairy

Glitter Peach 365 Day 98

I drew this using a ruler and a black biro. I drew a practice outline in pencil on another piece of paper and copied the shape onto a fresh piece of paper using a ruler to ensure there were only straight lines for the outline.

Once I had completed the outline, I continued to use the ruler to join the various connecting lines into triangular and geometric shapes. I left the shoes as they were to make her a bit more recognisable as Tinkerbell.

Poetic Fairy

Day 41 – Poetic Fairy

Glitter Peach 365 Day 41

To celebrate World Poetry Day today, I have composed a poem (the first in over a decade!) and tried to keep the words within a vague fairy shape. To make it more clear that the words are written in a deliberate shape, I drew the outline of a fairy in black biro on paper and, after scanning it, super-imposed the text of my poem on top of the image.

Depending on the device you are using, you may not be able to read the text clearly on the image so here is the wording in full:

Peeking between the branches on this fine Spring morning – what is that I can see?

A flash of movement and a tinkle of a bell – what, oh what, could it be?

As I look a bit closer, I see some colourful wings –

These are certainly the most beautiful, intricate things.

Surely, oh surely, it cannot be what I think!

A fairy? For real? Wow – I don’t want to blink!

Will she disappear if I avert my eyes?

Am I imagining this magical surprise?

As she flutters around I cannot help but stare,

This sighting must be so incredibly rare!

Her tiny frame is as delicate as a petal –

As she dances around she is ever so graceful.

Her laughter is as bright as sunshine,

Her hair as silky as spider’s twine,

She looks at me and smiles and I cannot help but join her.

As quick as she came she was gone and I was left to look on in wonder.

Dot to Dot Fairy

Day 38 – Dot to Dot Fairy

Glitter Peach 365 Day 38I have decided to create another interactive fairy for you today! I drew the features and occasional lines in black biro pen on white paper, scanned it and then used a dot-to-dot creator online to add the dots in the required places. I added the stars on number 1 and 82 so it is easier to see where the challenge starts and finishes!

This took a little longer than anticipated and was more tricky than you might imagine – having to ensure every single dot was clear and not overlapping as well as ensuring that it flowed well. Not bad for a first attempt…

To see what this looks like completed, click HERE.