Maze Fairy

Day 23 – Maze Fairyglitter-peach-23-maze

It is¬†my big brother’s 29th¬†birthday today! He¬†is surrounded by puzzles¬†at work and his customers are challenged to escape the carefully laid out Adventure Rooms in Mallorca. The closest thing¬†I could think¬†to do for today was to create¬†a maze.

He¬†is also a¬†proud Ginger, so I had to go for the orange outline! ūüôā

Again, MS Excel¬†was involved in the creation of this one… I copied¬†the outline that I used in my pixelated fairies on Day 16¬†(with shorter hair so the silhouette was symmetrical)¬†and played around with the inside to create a proper¬†maze. This took an inordinate amount of time as I wanted to make sure that there was only one way to complete it ūüôā

To see the completed maze, click HERE.