Pirate Fairy

Day 248 – Pirate Fairy

To celebrate my nephew’s birthday today, and to stay in line with the theme of the majority of his presents, I created a pirate fairy.

I painted a whole page of my A5 sketchbook using navy blue acrylic paint and used the brush to add texture. Once dry, I drew a silhouette of a fairy on the reverse and cut it out using scissors.

Painted Jar Fairy

Day 237 – Painted Jar Fairy

I started by painting the inside of a clean pickle jar with acrylic paints in various shades of blue. I mixed the colours as I painted.

I then drew a silhouette of a fairy with a black permanent marker on the outside of the jar.

In my head, I thought putting a lit candle inside would make the silhouette shine through. This didn’t work. I therefore painted on top of the black permanent marker with white acrylic paint. I tried dabbing the brush to add a bit of texture.

Plaster Fairy

Day 213 – Plaster Fairy

We made some fairies using plaster of Paris in a mould,ย last night –ย ready to paint this morning. There was a minor wing-breakage in the removal but otherwise, they came out of the mould nicely.

I mixed some acrylic paints to paint her in bright colours.

Cling Film Art Fairy

Day 180 – Cling Film Art Fairy

I have only just come across this technique – essentially just put dollops of various colours of paint onto some cartridge paper, cover the page with cling film and rub the colours together to mix.

I chose to use acrylic paint so that when I removed the cling film, the texture would remain.

I then drew the fairy onto the dried paint and cut the silhouette using scissors.

Sponge Print Fairy

Day 176 – Sponge Print Fairy

I used two sponges, each with a different colour to print onto some light green card.

For the wings, I simply tied an elastic band around the middle of one sponge and cut some details on the top wings and curved edges.

I drew the body onto the second sponge and cut around the edges using scissors.

I put acrylic paint onto both and stamped the wings first before the body.

Passchendaele Fairy

Day 173 – Passchendaele Fairy

Today’s fairy is created to commemorate the Passchendaele centenary.

I painted the Belgian flag on paper using acrylic paint that I had put directly onto the page from the tube and then swiped it downward using some card (to get a better chance of straight edges than freehand!). I then pierced the yellow central stripe with a memorial poppy pin and layered it up with the surround for the silhouette I cut out for Day 47.

Pregnant Fairy

Day 122 – Pregnant Fairy

To celebrate the day of my sister’s baby shower, I drew the outline of a pregnant fairy on a glass bottle using a glue gun. I filled the rest of the silhouette with โ€‹glue gun glue.

Once she was complete, I painted the whole bottle with one layer of white acrylic paint.