Gridding Tape Fairy

Day 196 – Gridding Tape Fairy

Today’s fairy was created using gridding tape. This is a tape primarily used for drawing grids on wipe-clean boards so when wiping off any data, you keep your grid in place.

I drew this straight onto a sheet of acetate. It was a bit more fiddly than I anticipated – it does not like being used for curved edges!


Icing Sugar Fairy

Day 39 – Icing Sugar Fairy

Glitter Peach 365 Day 39

After baking a chocolate brownie this morning, I couldn’t resist sprinkling icing sugar through a template onto the top crust. I made the template using acetate so it held it’s shape and didn’t get greasy.

I will enjoy devouring this one…

Ombré Varnish Fairy

Day 15 – Ombré Varnish Fairy


I had an idea to use my varying shades of nail-varnish on acetate to see the effect and how the colours would blend together (if at all). After waiting for the nail-varnish to dry, I then drew the outline on the reverse of the acetate in my permanent marker to add a bit of definition.

I actually like how the flash of the camera focused on the wings and highlights the shimmer in the nail-varnish.

Melted Chocolate Fairy

Day 8 – Melted Chocolate Fairy


A simple but effective technique for creating edible shapes!

I initially melted white chocolate to do the silhouette and thought to add milk chocolate for some details. This led to the food colouring coming out and me experimenting with colouring the white chocolate for the dress and shoes (they are supposed to be pink).

I put each variant of the melted chocolates in separate piping bags and traced the image of a fairy on some acetate using each colour for different parts of her body. I ended up doing her wings individually with some more tempered chocolate so they were shiny. This took about 10-15 minutes to set in the freezer, but I kept it in the fridge for another half an hour before I tried to remove them from the acetate to avoid any casualties.