Finger Puppet Fairy

Day 191 – Finger Puppet Fairy

I created today’s fairy using some scraps of felt and silver material that I had saved from past projects “just in case” I ever had an idea that could use them up – today is that day!

I used complimentary coloured thread to sew the details using back stitch, black seed beads for her eyes and I have sewn around the edges with a simple running stitch. I couldn’t resist using silver for her wings!

Euros Fairy

Day 190 – Euros Fairy

I am off to sunny Spain today and couldn’t resist using some of my foreign currency for today’s fairy.

I cut a silhouette of a fairy out of a piece of white paper using a craft knife and my cutting mat. I then placed two twenty-euro notes on a flat surface with the silhouette on top.

*Don’t worry – I may be on holiday but you will still get a daily fairy!*

Seed Bead Fairy

Day 186 – Seed Bead Fairy

I had a slight disaster today with my bead box… I was organising my craft supplies when the box slipped and all the beads mixed together!

I was halfway through re-organising them back into their places again when I was struck with inspiration for today’s fairy.

Cubist Fairy

Day 185 – Cubist Fairy

Inspired by the Cubist style of Picasso later in his career, I used some oil pastels in a sketchbook to create today’s fairy.

This is the first time I have used oil pastels and I enjoyed experimenting with the colours.

Metallic Fingerprint Fairy

Day 184 – Metallic Fingerprint Fairy

I started by drawing the outline of a fairy on some paper, cut it out using a craft knife and placed it on another piece of paper.

I then proceeded to use two fingers and my gold and silver ink pads to fill the whole area with fingerprints before removing the stencil to reveal the silhouette.