365 Days Completed…

What a rollercoaster of a year it has been!

From a new niece arriving, an engagement and a feature on Noah Scalin’s Make Something 365 – there has not been a dull moment all year!

I want to thank everyone who has followed me and my little challenge – your support has helped to motivate me throughout the last 365 days more than you know! A part of me will miss making my fairies every day but I am so proud of the fact that I managed to complete this and motivate myself to do so.

Thank you to my family for putting up with my constant fairies and my bag full of materials, paints and glitter etc! Your support and patience means so much to me!

Especially thank you to my love – I know you of all people will be very grateful that I have finally finished my 365 challenge! You know that I would have been lost without you being there for me, nudging me when I needed it and encouraging me.

Below is a selection of my personal favourites from the past year. I tried to select my Top 10 but obviously failed miserably – I struggled to narrow it down to 45! Haha! What was your favourite fairy from the year?

Latch Hook Fairy

Day 365 – Latch Hook Fairy

I wanted my final fairy of this challenge to be special. I revisited an old favourite pastime from my childhood – latch hook.

I spent ages trying to create my own pattern and struggled trying to figure out how many different coloured wools I would need before I eventually came across this website which was so easy to use and straightforward and helped turn a jpeg image into a proper pattern and advised me how many colours I would need/how many strands of each wool I would need etc. It was very helpful although I did tweak the design a bit to accentuate some details.

I must admit that I have been working on this for a bit more than just today but I did finish it today! I am very happy with how it turned out.

(The reverse)

Paper Scroll Fairy

Day 364 – Paper Scroll Fairy

My penultimate fairy!

I have used paper scrolls to create todays fairy – this was not as fiddly as I thought it was going to be.

I cut numerous strips of red paper and proceeded to fold, wrap and weave the paper around itself before sticking them onto some pink card using all purpose adhesive glue.

Staple Fairy

Day 361 – Staple Fairy

Today’s fairy has been created by stapling some staples onto paper to create the outline of a fairy before attempting to build it up and layer the staples on top of one another to create the dress outline.


Mirrored Fairy

Day 357 – Mirrored Fairy

I drew today’s fairy using HB pencil onto an A5 envelope before cutting them out using scissors.

I intended to place one cut-out onto the wooden surface, but actually really liked them both together in a mirror image.


Fairy in a Jar

Day 355 – Fairy in a Jar

Created by cutting a silhouette of a fairy out of black paper and sticking it on the inside of the jar.

I then stuck one layer of white tissue paper using PVA glue, added some fairy dust and pearlescent paint before lighting a candle on the inside for the glow…