365 Day Challenge!

Beaded Silhouette Fairy

Day 127 – Beaded Silhouette Fairy

I cut out two matching fairy shapes out of white felt and stitched them together with white thread using blanket stitch. I added a green seed bead in each stitch to outline the silhouette with Beaded Blanket Stitch.

Orange Fairy

Day 125 – Orange Fairy

Cut out of orange card using my craft knife and cutting mat, I initally drew a quick sketch on the reverse before cutting and, once complete, put it on my black leather seat to add a bit of texture to the picture.

Inky Fairy

Day 124 – Inky Fairy

I used an ink cartridge from my fountain pen to create today’s fairy. I removed the cartridge from my pen, shook it upside down and used the top of the cartridge in sweeping motions to spread the ink to create the design.

Pregnant Fairy

Day 122 – Pregnant Fairy

To celebrate the day of my sister’s baby shower, I drew the outline of a pregnant fairy on a glass bottle using a glue gun. I filled the rest of the silhouette with ​glue gun glue.

Once she was complete, I painted the whole bottle with one layer of white acrylic paint.

Make Something 365 Feature!

As those of you who know me (or have read my “About” page) will know, I started my own year long creative challenge earlier this year. I was inspired by Noah Scalin and his Skull-A-Day blog (definitely worth taking a look). I started this creative challenge more for me to get back into being creative than for any other reason.

He has only gone and featured my Glitter Peach 365 challenge on one of his websites – Make Something 365 & Get Unstuck! (I am currently on the homepage!)

I feel so flattered that Noah has featured little old me! This has to be the highlight of the whole challenge so far! Click here for my feature on Make Something 365! =)

Glitter Peach 365 - Make Something 365 and Get Unstuck feature

Crayon Fairies

Day 120 – Crayon Fairies

This is my first attempt at melting crayons to create my chosen design. I had a silicone mould of some fairies, broke some old crayons into the mould and put it in the oven for about six minutes at 200 degrees.

They melted surprisingly quickly and, despite being very delicate, they actually worked out quite well.