365 Day Challenge!

Handprint Fairy

Day 310 – Handprint Fairy

For today’s fairy, I put watercolour paint onto my hands and printed them onto white paper. When the paint was dry, I cut around the shapes and stuck them together.

Mini Gingerbread-Man Fairy

Day 309 – Mini Gingerbread-Man Fairy

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year, if for no other reason than the fact that I love gingerbread-men. Last year Santa left a whole box of mini gingerbread-man confetti in my stocking and, on re-discovering them with my Christmas Tree, I couldn’t resist arranging them into today’s fairy!

Conical Fairy

Day 306 – Conical Fairy

Created as an alternative Christmas Tree Topper, today’s fairy was made using some preprinted card. I drew on the wings with a glue stick and dotted some spots on the dress before sprinkling some glitter onto the glue. I stuck the dress together into a conical shape using double sided sticky tape.

Pink Peg Fairy

Day 303 – Pink Peg Fairy

For today’s fairy, I drew the face and shoes onto a wooden peg using my black fineliner. Then I used a dark shade of pink tissue paper ruffled to create the top of the dress before adding a folded strip of the same colour as a belt and a matching headband.

I then cut wings from a pale pink tissue paper and stuck them on using double sided sticky tape.