Glitter Peach was created by me to kick-start my creativity again!

My name is Victoria and I am (and always have been) passionate about arts and crafts of every description. From as soon as I could talk I would always ask for colouring books and pencils at every gift-giving occasion. I would always be engrossed in books, drawing or creating throughout my childhood and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it!

I am keen to get back in the habit of being creative every day – whether it be a 5 minute craft or a 4 hour sketch. Therefore I have set myself the 365 day challenge, starting from the 9th February 2017, in which I will upload a new fairy-related creation every single day to my blog – I have also added these fairies to my new Instagram page.

I was inspired by Noah Scalin and his blog “Skull-A-Day” in which he posted an image of skulls that he had made or found every single day for a year.

I am keen to get back in the groove of being creative every day of the year. I feel a bit out of practice and rusty – which is difficult for a perfectionist – but, as we all know, practice makes perfect!

I am very excited for this new challenge and for the year ahead and would like to take you along with me on what I am sure will be a very diverse creative adventure!