My name is Vikki and I am (and always have been) passionate about arts and crafts of every description. From as soon as I could hold a pencil I would always be colouring-in, drawing and creating – thoroughly enjoying every moment of it!

Glitter Peach was born after the completion of my 365 DAY Challenge in which I created a fairy every single day for a whole year using as many different medium as I could think of! (This idea was inspired by Noah Scalin’s Skull-a-Day Challenge and he actually featured my blog on his Noah Scalin’s Make Something 365 website!!)

I did this creative challenge because I wanted to rediscover my love for Arts and Crafts (which had been somewhat lost during my GCSE’s and A-levels!)

What started as something to kick-start my creativity when I felt stuck in a rut has now turned into my dream creative business!

It is my personal mission to bring thoughtful personalised stationery and gifts to yourself and those you love, to help you live a more positive, present and productive life.

For more information about any of these products, please check out my Etsy Shop here.

All products are hand made with love in our Wiltshire studio and have been lovingly created individually by hand.

As a small business, I really appreciate your support!